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AISI 4130 Carbon Seamless Pipe 88.9mm x 11.13mm x 6500mm Oiled
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DB-Carbon Seamless Pipe -1058

China 4130 Seamless Pipe Producer Wholesales AISI 4130 Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe, 88.9mm x 11.13mm x 6500mm, Oiled Surface, for Structural Designs.
ASTM A53 Gr.B LSAW Pipe DN800 SCH 40 Anti-Corrosion
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DB-SAW Pipe-1057

China LSAW Pipe Factory Offers ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel LSAW Pipe, Pressure DN800, SCH 40, Anti-Corrosion, for Oil and Gas Industry Applications.
ASTM A182 F304L Stainless Slip-on Flange 6 Inch Class 900 Oiled
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DB- Slip-on Flange -1056

China Stainless Steel Slip-on Flange Supplier Provides ASTM A182 F304L Stainless Slip-on Flange, 6 Inch, Pressure Class 900, Oiled Surface Treatment.
RST 37-2 Welded Steel Pipe 219.1mm x 4mm x 9000mm Galvanized
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DB-Carbon Welded Pipe-1055

China Welded Steel Pipe Manufacturer Offers Welded Steel Pipe with DIN 17100 RSt 37-2 Carbon Structural Steel, 219.1mm x 4mm x 9000mm, Galvanized.
A268 TP405 Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe 1 Inch SCH 40 Polished
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DB-Stainless Steel Pipe-1054

China Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer Provides ASTM TP405 Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe, 1 Inch, SCH 40, Polished, Resistant to Corrosion.
12Cr1MoV Alloy Steel Pipe OD 133mm THK 20mm Oiled
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DB- Seamless Alloy Steel Pipe -1053

China Alloy Steel Pipe Supplier Provides 12Cr1MoV Alloy Structural Steel Pipe, OD 133mm, Thickness 20mm, Oiled, Great Process Resistance & Weldability.
ASTM A350 LF2 Nipoflange 2 Inch X 3 Inch 1500 LB Forged
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DB- Flange-1052

China Carbon Steel Nipoflange Factory Offers ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel Nipoflange, 2 Inch X 3 Inch, 1500 LB, Forged, Flange Olets to Branch Pipelines.
ASTM A420 WPL6 Carbon Steel Cap 42 Inch WT 29mm Black
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DB- Cap -1051

China Carbon Steel Cap Manufacturer Supplies ASTM A420 Grade WPL6 Carbon Steel Fittings End Cap, 42 Inch, Wall Thickness 29mm, Black Painting.
EN1092-1 Slip On Flange Forged 4 Inch PN16 Raised Face
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DB- SO Flange-1050

China PN16 Pipe Flange Manufacturer Provides Slip On Flange According to DIN EN 1092-1, Forged Steel, Pressure PN16, 4 Inch, Welding Neck Flange.