The Coated Pipe 3LPE

Construction technology of the heavy-duty epoxy powder coating and the polyethylene composite coating
In the construction technology of coated pipe 3LPE's heavy-duty epoxy powder coating, the following points should be paid great attention to. First, use the same pre-treatment method as the single-layer coating's. Second, use the electrostatic spraying method to spray the powder evenly on the surfaces of pipes, and the thickness of the powder coating should be from 150μm to 250μm. Third, apply the adhesive to the powder before the sprayed powder is changed to the gel. Fourth, extrude viscous polyethylene, wind it on the adhesive, and roll to make it firmly combine with the glue layer, so that the three layers are connected as a whole.
Three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion coating of steel pipes is a new anti-corrosion coating which combines the European 2LPE coating and the North American widely used epoxy powder corrosion-resistant steel pipe coating. The coated pipe 3LPE has been recognized and used throughout the world for more than a decade. The bottom layer of the 3LPE coating which has contact with the surface of the steel pipe is the epoxy powder coating, and the middle layer is the copolymer adhesive with the branch structure of the functional group. The surface layer is the high density anti-corrosive polyethylene coating.
3LPE anti-corrosion coating combines the high permeability and high mechanical property of the epoxy resin and polyethylene materials. It has been globally recognized as the pipe's anti-corrosion coating with excellent performance and has been widely applied to many projects. The reason for the low water absorption of 3LPE is that the 3LPE foam's percentage of close area is as high as 92%. The low thermal conductivity and low water absorption, combined with the anti-corrosion coating and good surface waterproof function of high density polyethylene or the glass steel shell, greatly change the heat supply pipelines' wet environment and reduce the heat loss of heat supply pipelines.
The service life of the coated pipe 3LPE can be 50 years, and 3LPE has been considered as the most advanced anti-corrosion technology for pipes in the world. In China, the coated pipe 3LPE has already been applied to the petroleum and natural gas systems. The Shaanxi-Beijing natural gas pipelines, Ku Shan oil and gas pipelines and the west-east gas pipeline project recognized as the national key project all use the coated pipe 3LPE. The coated pipe 3LPE has become the future development direction of the pipeline's outer anti-corrosion coating.
When the production of the coated pipe 3LPE is finished, the coated pipe 3LPE will be transported to different construction sites. However, before the transportation of the coated pipe 3LPE, there is still a series of preparatory work. The main preparation work is to test the coated pipe 3LPE. After the coated pipe 3LPE pass the certification, relevant quality certificates about the coated pipe 3LPE will be issued. A list with the same number of the coated pipe 3LPE as the sales contract should also be prepared. The length of each coated pipe 3LPE, the quantity of the coated pipe 3LPE as well as the relevant accessories of the coated pipe 3LPE are all supposed to be indicated in the list. The relevant staff must check whether the information on the list is consistent with the actual situation of the products. Contact the driver of the truck is also one of the important links. The delivery address and how much time it takes for the pipes to reach sites should be well communicated by the manufacturers and the drivers. The last link is to load the coated pipe 3LPE. The loading must be especially careful because the coated pipe 3LPE can not be collided with other objects at all. It is better to use the hook to hoist the two ends of the coated pipe 3LPE for loading the coated pipe 3LPE. In this way, not only the coated pipe 3LPE will not be damaged, but also will be put orderly. The coated pipe 3LPE can be finally transported to the sites when all the above preparation work has been completed.

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